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Brian has worked in art, design, and communication arts for 20 years. He loves to try new styles and techniques in both painting and printmaking. He is constantly pushing the boundaries of what he can accomplish with both oil and acrylic paint. He likes to work in a variety of styles and sizes. Brian also works in block prints and relief prints with unique linoleum to get the “dry etch” line-work of intaglio prints. Brian lives with his wife Jenni (also an artist) and three kids in Lawrence, Kansas where their studios reside. 

Brian is also the creative director of TriLion Studios in Lawrence. He directs the studio’s strategic and creative growth while also serving as senior designer on many client projects. Enthralled by the color, layout, pattern and typography of branding, Brian loves to apply this outlook to clients and businesses. He brings an abundance of national branding industry experience to the table and has developed a strong foundation in interactive brand strategy. Brian enjoys connecting and collaborating with outside agencies and design studios that share similar loves in brand and interactive design.

HISTORY 1987-1994

Brian’s painting base goes back in the 80’s to South Junior High where Laura Torrez instilled a love for art and medium in Brian.

At Lawrence High a special art teacher Pat Nemchock, pushed Brian in medium, technique, and application. She also helped him apply to art schools and eventually land two half-ride scholarships.

Brian studied foundational shape thinking, still life’s, and started live figure study as young as 16.


HISTORY 1994-1998

At MIAD in Milwaukee, Brian studied painting and print making with other foundational courses.

At BIOLA in Los Angeles, Brian studied with Barry Krammes and continued studies in printmaking, painting, photography, and design. 

At KU, Brian continued his study of printmaking and painting. His figure study work with Richard Dishinger pushed his printmaking skill and size to new levels. He also had design studies from John Swindell at this time.

HISTORY 1998 –

After school Brian launched his art career through apparel design, marketing, and web design.  He also started producing murals, paintings, and drawings which kept Brian rooted in the art world.

After a few years lull and three energetic kids, Brian has reignited his art career with an emphasis on painting and print making.  His wife Jenni, an incredible artist and painter, is encouraging and uplifting. You can find her work at jenniwhite.com.

Brian is currently showing in and around Lawrence, Kansas and Chicago.


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